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Fall Blazers for In and Out of the Office



I have a love for blazers. I really do. Before, I wouldn’t have thought to pair such an item with an outfit outside of the office. I used to think that blazers were only appropriate for either the office or for events that were in the realm of professionalism (e.g. networking, meetings, etc.). I used to find [tailored] blazers restricting and I absolutely hated the feeling. It’s great that oversize/boyfriend blazers are now “in” and my oversize blazer and sneakers combo is free to roam Target’s shopping aisles.

My very first blazer was a pink oversized blazer from Asos that I purchased seven years ago. I absolutely adored it. Again, I didn’t see anyone pairing a blazer with a casual outfit. I eventually donated it and I regret that decision – it’s hard to find a well made oversized pink blazer. Gradually, I added other blazers to my closet and found a beautiful yellow and black houndstooth blazer that I thrifted for less than $5, a white eyelet J.Crew one and an affordable black H&M one made perfect for the office.

It’s no wonder that blazers have an enormous following this season. Their timeless aesthetics makes them a perfect fall staple. My current favorite is an oversized navy Madewell blazer that I purchased last year. Whether you’re into a tailored look or a menswear-inspired fit, there is a blazer for you.

Here are a few of my favorites for this season:

Post image source: Mija Flatau

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