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The Affordable Cashmere Guide



The though of wrapping myself in cashmere all fall and winter makes me absolutely happy. What makes cashmere so popular is that the fibers feel soft against the skin and the quality material makes it lasts for years. The price of cashmere can be terrifying (just Google polyester vs cashmere).  You can find blended cashmere (cashmere mixed with wool or cotton) at a much lower price point than 100% cashmere, but it isn’t as soft.= Nevertheless, affordable and well-made cashmere do exist! They’re still pricey, but not as pricey as the average cost of cashmere.

Everlane’s affordable line of 100% cashmere sweaters was launched not long ago and is quite popular. While trying on clothes in Nordstrom, I overheard a dressing room neighbor rave about the quality of Everlane’s cashmere sweaters to the sales associate (hint…go purchase yourself one). Everlane carries basic crewcut and v-neck cashmere sweaters with multiple color options for $100. They also offer cashmere turtleneck sweaters for $150. If you like the Everlane aesthetic of transparency, then I’d start here.




Another place to shop for affordable cashmere is L.L.Bean. Petite ladies rejoice because L.L.Bean carries petite sizes in addition to their regular sizes. They offer a decent color selection of 100% cashmere sweaters in the crewneck style for $99-119.  Besides its basic crewneck, L.L.Bean offers other 100% cashmere sweater such as their cable crewneck. You can search for their other cashmere sweaters by typing “cashmere” in the search field. Just make sure you look at the product description to see if it’s a cashmere blend or 100% cashmere. Of all the affordable options, Uniqlo offers a 100% cashmere sweater for just $79.90! That’s an amazing deal, folks! They offer a good range of colors that are perfect for fall and winter. If you prefer the short-length sleeve, the price goes even lower at just $59.90!




Other sources include J.Crew and the Halogen brand from Nordstrom. Both have cashmere for under $100 and you can snatch Halogen’s 100% cashmere sweaters for even lower when Nordstrom has it on sale (currently, it’s 20% off). Halogen carries petite sizes as well – yay! Priced slighter higher are sweaters by AsosH&M also offers quality cashmere at good price points so I would also check them out. My H&M pick is this one in navy blue.


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