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4 Things to do for Yourself Postpartum



Happy first of December! We are officially closer to 2018! Where did time go? I always start the year by thinking ‘I have such a long time until 201X comes’ and by the end of the year, I’m wishing that the year could rewind itself.

I wanted to dive into this post to talk about postpartum feelings – well, my postpartum feelings anyway after having a third child – as well as four simple things you can do now to feel great about yourself if you’re in a similar situation. I know that some of you can relate to how I’m feeling. After all, carrying a child for roughly ten months and then delivering that child can bring about a lot of changes to how a woman feels/looks/thinks. As wonderful as some changes are, not all are welcoming – hello, tender boobs and I’m-gonna-die-right-now cramps.

>Lately, I’ve been struggling with my self-image (reality is not my friend right now, folks) and am finding it hard to love my body. That probably sounds silly, but it’s the honest truth. I’ve had people tell me at functions that I look great after having a baby. I would take those compliments with gratitude if it weren’t for old Facebook photos that serve as reminders of what I used to look like (insert crying emoji here). I actually gained five pounds recently thanks to Thanksgiving Day Month (insert another crying emoji here). It certainly has to do more with how I feel physically (e.g. sluggish, bloated, and tired) than how much I weight.

Not only do I find it hard to accept myself at my highest weight, I also have a difficult time dealing with postpartum hair loss. Postpartum hair loss hits me hard every. single. time. I had my hair chopped off to shoulder length each time with my first two oldest but I’m trying to be patient after this time around. My hair is naturally wavy and that makes hair loss even harder to deal with because my wavy hairs just cling to everything! And the fact that they’re wavy makes them even more noticeable. Then there’s my receding hairline and my very noticeable hair loss from a bird’s view of my head (you can see it in some of the photos above). It drives me crazy but I know that it’s only temporary.

Unhappy feelings aside, let’s move on to those four simple things that you can do now to feel better about yourself post-partum regardless if there are things that keep you from feeling your best.

Get your nails done. Indulge in yourself and make your hands happy. Two weeks ago I had my nails done at a salon in the SNS method and it changed my life! I wouldn’t do them again, however, but I loved the way it elongated my hands and made my fingers look more polished. I couldn’t stop staring at them every time I was driving or holding something. Something as simple as making your nails pretty will make you feel happier.

Buy an item that will fit you now and later.  Purchase something that you LOVE that will fit you now regardless if your weight shifts later. I have a few outwear items in my closet but noticed that I owned nothing burgundy. I purchased this coat and, because of its oversize fit, I know it’ll fit me in the future regardless if I gain or lose weight. By doing so, you won’t feel bad about the money you spent on it if it no longer fits and you won’t feel bad about yourself if it happens to be weight gain versus weight loss. Shoes, belts, and jewelry are also great items to consider.

Take showers daily. Shortly after birth, not only are you shedding a lot of blood, but you’re probably suffering from greasy hair and sleeplessness. The first thing I did every morning was to take a shower before anything else (it came second only if I exercised first that morning). A shower every day helps you feel fresh and alert. Nothing feels better than a clean va-jay-jay during this time (trust me).

Stick to a Uniform. Knowing exactly what kind of outfit you’ll be putting together in the morning not only makes life easier postpartum, but you’ll feel good about yourself because you know that you’ll look great. When I was able to semi-wear normal outfits again, I streamlined my morning routine with this uniform: a t-shirt, leggings, coat (if it’s cold), and either sneakers or OTK boots. It saved me from having to spend time thinking about what I was going to pair together and if I looked good in this or that outfit.

I hope this helps you as you navigate life as a mom. Don’t forget to make time for yourself. Those around you can only be helped when you help yourself first. If there’s anything else you’d add to the list, share it below.

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