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Curating Your Style Uniform



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Uniform dressing isn’t a new style phenomenon. In fact, I think most people dress in a uniform but don’t know it. I don’t consider my uniform style one that is à la Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs but I do stick to the same pieces that speak to me. There are some wonderful style influencers with a minimal style uniform – both in the number of items they wear and their color palette – and they execute it perfectly. For example, Anna‘s uniform usually includes a sweater/silk shirt, jeans, coat, and boots in a white, black, and gray palette with a few leopard print accessories in the mix. Do note that you can wear an array of colors, yet stick to the same pieces.

Uniform dressing is synonymous with a signature look and for me, that means a coat/blazer, blouse, jeans, and boots (I spoke about my right-after-birth postpartum uniform here). I think it’s important to reflect on what your signature look is and having those signature pieces in your closet. For instance, I wouldn’t buy a whole lot of leggings because I don’t necessarily wear leggings often anymore. In addition, I made some sneaker purchases the other month and realized that I don’t wear sneakers as often as I did years prior. However, someone with a “gym” style might have leggings and sneakers as their signature pieces. Be sure to stick to pieces that follow your uniform.

As far as accessories, I think it’s also incredibly important to wear pieces that speak to you and to make them a part of your uniform. I often wear statement earrings and get asked all the time about where I purchase my earrings. If you’re someone who likes to wear a watch, then I suggest investing in one or two that you’d wear often. The same goes for any accessory that you’d want to incorporate into your uniform (e.g. statement rings, stacked rings, belt). Yes, your glasses (if you do wear them) are also a part of your uniform.

Once you’ve figured out those signature pieces that are going to be a part of your uniform, then it’s time to narrow down your color palette (you can omit this too as we discussed above regarding wearing an array of colors). Finding your color palette starts with analyzing what colors you wear most often. You may end up with three or five colors that you wear most. Knowing this will help you while you shop so that you don’t end up purchasing an item that is beautiful in color, but that you wouldn’t necessarily wear often.

You may just surprise yourself while curating your uniform style. I have tried to rid my pink pieces, but have embraced that I like pink. So, in addition to pink and the usual black and white, I want to stick to neutrals in the brown family. Curating a uniform style also enforces you to stay away from pieces that you know won’t work for you. I once tried on an orange blouse and though the color paired well with my skin tone, it’s not a color that I prefer to wear. The same goes for reds and jewel tones.

I am still trying to tailor my style uniform and want to be able to transition pieces from work to what I’d wear outside of work versus having two separate uniforms. I would like to add more classic, versatile pieces like structured coats, blazers, silk button-downs, and straight-leg jeans.

I hope this helps you reflect on your uniform – the signature pieces you wear every day – and helps you hone your signature look. Let me know if there’s something you’d like to add regarding curating your style uniform.

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