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Luxury Handbags & Where to Find Them for Less



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A handbag can impact an outfit in a profound manner. Sometimes I’ll analyze a blogger’s outfit and come to the realization that their outfit is simple, but the addition of their handbag brings their style up a notch. I’ve never been one to spend a large sum on a handbag (I still haven’t yet!) but lately, I’ve been considering overhauling how I spend my money on fashion. Instead of buying things that are likely to be donated or given away, I want to invest in quality pieces that last and stay relevant despite the trends that come and go.

Handbags can cost a fortune. I tend to keep my purchases under $200 and they’ve all worked fine for my needs. However, they are bags that I don’t see myself passing on to my daughter when she grows up. It sounds silly to pay an enormous amount for luxury bags, but I’ve noticed that a beautifully crafted bag can elevate even the simplest sweat and sneakers outfit. Also, well-made bags (that are properly cared for) can last for years.

You can find pre-loved designer handbags from secondhand retailers such as Fashionpile, Trendlee, Tradesy, and Snobswap.You can find handbags in excellent condition with a few hundred dollars shaved from the original price. I like Fashionpile’s presentation of its offerings as well as the site’s easy navigation. All retailers provide sufficient pictures of the handbag including pictures of any marks/scuffs/damage. If you prefer a pre-owned bag in the best possible condition or want to save as much as possible, I recommend filtering based on the condition of the handbag (of course, you’ll have to pay more for a bag in excellent condition).

If you prefer discounted designer bags that are new, Ssense and 24 Sèvres are great retailers that offer new handbags for steep discounts on their sale section. I found some amazing pieces for hundreds off like this Lanvin and Dolce & Gabbana handbags from Ssense and this Chloe and Prada handbags from 24 Sèvres. I highly recommend checking them out.

Wherever you shop, do make sure to do your research, check the item’s description, and compare prices. Happy shopping!

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