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Seven years ago, I purchased a tulip dining table and paired it with ghost chairs. Since my husband and I were renting a small apartment, a round dining table looked best in our dining area. I knew instantly that a tulip table was what I wanted for our space. However, our expensive dining table’s lacquered exterior began to chip almost immediately from repeated use and it retained the color of a yellow highlighter that my then one-year-old used to doodle her art. I didn’t know how to salvage it so it went unused for five of the seven years that I hung onto it. It ended up in my mother-in-law’s basement and I believe she got rid of it via a yard sale this past summer or maybe she secretly tossed it.

Since the dining area of our current home is also small and square-shaped, I’ve contemplated purchasing a round dining table to round out – no pun intended – the area. We currently have an expandable square dining table, but a square dining table in a square space looks awkward. I’d love to splurge on the same dining table I had before. However, I know that the lacquered finish won’t hold up to my family’s needs and the large price tag for a soon-to-be ruined table is not going to make my pocket happy.

The Ikea Docksta Table is an affordable version of the tulip dining table that’s priced at $199. I’ve seen the Docksta featured online in various homes and I think it looks great. It’s by no means comparable to a lacquered table; there’s no shine and you can see the seam between the stem and the base. The reviews aren’t that bad but they’re not that great either. Reviewers did mention that the table is prone to nicks. Ikea also mentions, “For increased stability, re-tighten the screws about two weeks after assembly and when necessary.” However, it is white, tulip-shaped, and is affordable.

So, technically, it won’t hold up for our family since we’ll need a dining table that is compatible with school work, slime-making, and spontaneous baking. Though it may not the perfect dining table for my family, I would purchase this table to fill an empty space in the home to hold books and a vase of flowers as Emily Schoen did in her home or as a table for a breakfast nook.

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