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Closet Additions for the New Year



At the beginning of 2018, I donated about two-thirds of my clothes. All were from brands/shops that I no longer gravitated towards and styles that I hung onto but, ultimately, didn’t inspire me. Even then, my style for 2018 was a mix of styles that altogether wasn’t cohesive. Some days I’d wear a thrifted floral dress, some days I’d wear jeans and a sweatshirt paired with sneakers, and other days I would wear a minimal, monochromatic outfit.

For the upcoming year, I want to refine my style and stick to a monochromatic palette of white, black, and brown hues with denim in the mix. These colors may sound boring but I think that an all black outfit looks chic and no piece of garment is as classic as a white top. For the year, I’m going to try to refrain from adding thrifted floral dresses into my closet and avoid purchasing items that don’t pair well with other pieces I own. Also for 2019, I am committed to shopping the majority, if not all, of my clothing and jewelry items from brands that champion ethics. I am also committed to purchasing quality items that wear well over time versus items that are made poorly.


Button-up shirts are my favorite kind of tops. The materials I prefer in button-up shirts are silk or cotton. I like my Everlane Silk Relaxed Shirt and Everlane Short-Sleeve Square Shirt because they provide a bit of slouch without being too unstructured. I have my eye on the Everlane Silk Notch Shirt in black and the Everlane Short-Sleeve Notch Shirt in white.

Another shirt that I would like to add to my closet is the Tradlands 101 The Elms White Shirt. I haven’t yet found a white button-up shirt that is not see through, but the reviews on this one look promising. Tradlands is a brand that I’ve heard of before, but their brand awareness grew a lot this year it seems.


Ever since I discovered high-waisted jeans, I’ve kept my eyes on a few pairs. The most exciting piece I want to add to my closet in 2019 is the Jesse Kamm Sailor Pants. It is an investment ($395!) but I adore the timeless silhouette. Most petite ladies would probably shy away from wide leg pants (I’m 5’2″), but I think wide leg pants can look great on a petite frame and work in favor to elongate legs. I appreciate that the Jesse Kamm brand is made ethically and sustainably in California.

Everlane The Cheeky Straight Jeans is also a contender on my list. I’ve always worn skinny jeans for many years and it wasn’t until this year that I began wearing straight jeans and realizing that I much prefer them. This Everlane pair is straight legged, high-waisted, and is the perfect washed black color.


Nisolo is a footwear brand that I am so excited to have discovered this year. I ordered two pairs of Nisolo footwear and I wore them so much throughout the summer. They’re comfortable, versatile, and well-made. I am crushing on the Nisolo Marriella Mule and the taller heel Nisolo Paloma Mule.


I like quiet, understated jewelry that makes an outfit a bit more special. Sea Side Tones 14K Gold Necklace is a simple gold necklace that would pair well with anything. The necklace and pendant are sold separtely but together they make a delicate piece. All products by Sea Side are handmade and produced ethically.

Vrai and Oro is a brand that I’ve purchased from before. I have two pairs of the Vrai and Oro Tiny Diamond Studs and hardly ever take them off. Their pieces are minimal and perfect for those who prefer understated jewelry. I like having two mini hoops on each side of my ears since I have two piercings on each earlobe. I would love to add a pair of the Vrai and Oro Huggie Hoops to my jewelry collection.


I’ve carried my Madewell Medium Transport Tote almost everywhere that I went this year. However, I realized that not having a closure to keep things from falling out meant I had to be careful with how I placed my bag in the car or else it’d take me forever to find my chapstick or wallet if it fell out. Everlane The Form Bag seems like the perfect bag for work or to walk around the city with. I appreciate the magnetic closure, interior pockets, and structure.

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