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I love decorating my home. I fell in love with changing up my space when I no longer had to share a room as a teen. I had a darling little library nook that was neatly organized and every inch of the four walls was plastered with magazine images that inspired me.

I am still inspired daily on how to decorate my home. Although I’m renting and don’t have as much autonomy with what color is on the walls or that the carpet is not a good shade of chocolate milk brown, I still want to create a home that inspires me every day.

When I’m considering a piece of home decor or furniture, I refer back to my home inspiration boards on Pinterest and Instagram and see if the item reflects the style I have in mind. Now, my little abode is far from the pictures that I save for inspiration, but they remind me of the color scheme I want and the type of vibe I want my home to emanate.

Right now, I’m very much into mixing old and new things; I think the juxtaposition of the two makes a home inviting. I like keeping my home mostly neutral (black, white, brown) with just a bit of color (gold, green, pink) mixed in to bring added warmth.

Image by Lisa Tharp & Photographed by Michelle J Lee Photography | Art | Art | Pendant | Mirror |Wallpaper | Table | Image by Pompeli

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