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Budget Friendly Home Decor Under $50



It’s therapeutic for me to go to the store and pick up random things for my home (anyone else ever feels that way?). Thrifting was how I got most of my home decor and scouring low-cost or free things on various Craiglist-type classifieds meant that I got a ton of things that I didn’t need. It got to the point where I was picking up knick-knacks and furniture that weren’t truly my “style”. Now I try to be intentional with the things that I bring home and make sure that they’re items I see myself having for years even if I move across the country (if that ever happens). It’s always a good idea to Marie Kondo what you’re wanting to buy and ask yourself if it brings you joy.

I think it’s important to think of home decor as everything that you’re bringing into your home. It’s not just the marble statue or a piece of wall art that is found specifically in the home decor/accessories section of a store. For me, home decor encompasses everything that reinforces the style you want to express. For example, a jewelry box stores your jewelry, but it can also serve as a display piece in your home. Similarly, a kitchen rug may be just that, but one in the right color and shape can elevate your space.

Random pieces can clutter a room, but I do believe it’s the cohesive accent pieces that complete the style of a home. Some of my favorite home decors are under $50 and, yes, I do see myself having these pieces for years. They work well with the large furniture pieces I already owned although I’m sure it’s because I prefer a mostly neutral palette.

My most favorite item is this marble tray from West Elm. My husband saw it the day it arrived in the mail and marveled at how pretty it is. I agree and I’m tempted to purchase the longer one. West Elm is currently offering 25% off one item plus free shipping so I would definitely recommend the tray. If you enjoy how beautiful peonies are, then this faux one is for you (I used it as a prop here). I like how realistic it looks and it’s super affordable – right now it’s half off at $2.99! Put one or two in a vase and it’ll be so lovely on top of a dresser or on the kitchen counter. As far as baskets go, I love anything that can hold clutter. I purchased these baskets back in 2017 when my third child was born and it was perfect for holding his swaddle blankets. Keep in mind that you have to keep baskets made with natural materials moist-free or else mold will grow on them (that’s me talking from experience). The landscape art is by a Minnesota artist name Carrie Arnold. It’s such a lovely print, she’s so sweet, and I love supporting local artists.

You can find the rest of my favorite decor items below:

Shadowbox (small) | Vase | Faux flower | Bowl | Tray (small) | Frame | Basket | Landscape art | Faux lemon branch | This is Home: The Art of Simple Living | It’s Beautiful Here

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