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All the Furniture and Decor I’d Buy From Target



If you’d ask me a few years ago if I recommended purchasing furniture and decor from Target, I would have said no. This is because I’ve purchased furniture from Target when I had my first place and the furniture construction was just not good quality. However, Target has definitely stepped up their game in the home department category over the last two years. Sometimes I’d read a blog post and think, “I definitely like that piece of [whatever it is],” just to find out that it’s from Target. Since Target revamped their home department by introducing new brands, I’ve purchased a few Target pieces to fill my home (like this brass mirror here). I do think that Target’s furniture can be a hit or miss, but a majority of it seems to be quality pieces according to testimonies left by customers.

One of the first things I thought about and decided to put in this list was this French country mirror that I’ve seen at my local Target. I’ve almost it the bullet multiple times because it looks beautiful in real life. I l really ike the refined look of this caned chair. There’s definitely something about caned chairs that make them traditional and timeless. Another favorite of mine from the list below is this black tufted sofa. It has high reviews on Target and reviewers have confirmed that it’s kid-friendly for those of you with children. Not to mention, it looks more expensive than its price tag suggests.

dining bench // french country mirror // rattan side table // caned tv stand // caned chair // black accent table // tufted sofa // plant stand // marble top accent table // round mirror // sofa table // arm chair

What I love about Target is its home accessory section. This basket and this one would be great to hold toys, blankets, or a fiddle leaf fig tree. This barstool is so architecturally pleasing to the eye. It’s a piece of artwork in itself. Similarly, this wood pedestal for holding desserts has a beautiful curvature to its shape. As far as my favorite rugs, this one is the perfect neutral and I like the simple design on this one.

brass frame // black frame // round basket // tall basket // salt jar // wood pedestal // console table // ceramic planter // dining chair // barstool // neutral rug // gray rug

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