Spring Style Picks


October 30, 2019

Spring is perfect for light colors and airy pieces. Although Spring in the midwest is still cold some days and wet other days (we had a snowstorm last week!), I am hoping for good weather so that I can finally put my boots away. Here I’ve rounded up some of my favorite pieces from brands I admire.

MARIA HOFFMAN | The first piece is this top from Mara Hoffman. Can you see how amazing it is?! I love the construction of the top. I am fond of square necklines and find them flattering because of the way they show off the neck area.

HACKWITH DESIGN HOUSE | This top is produced by a local Minnesota brand called Hackwith Design House. They produce a limited amount of each item and once it’s gone, it’s gone. Some of their pieces are made to be versatile so you can wear it whichever way you like.

POLÉNE | This bag by Poléne feels dainty but at the same time, the contrast of the leather detail to the wicker balances it out.

VRAI AND ORO | The daintiness of this necklace by Vrai and Oro is perfect for those of us who prefer understated, minimal jewelry.

NISOLO | I have a pair of flats by Nisolo that’s similar to this one. They are super comfortable and are made well. I would definitely add the light colored pair to my collection because a neutral sandal can be paired with anything.

CUYANA | If I could buy just one dress this Spring, it’d be this linen dress by Cuyana. Again, it has that square neckline that I adore.

CHRISTY DAWN | This dress by Christy Dawn is so pretty! I love light pink and longer dresses so this piece hits the nail on both of those points.

PALOMA WOOL | If I could buy just one brand new pair of footwear this spring, it would be this one by Paloma Wool. I really like the square shaped toe area front (apparently, I like squares!) and the two-tone colors and buckles make it interesting.

Maria Hoffman top // HDH top // Poléne bag // Cuyana dress // Vrai and Oro necklace // Nisolo sandal // Paloma Wool heel // Christy Dawn dress

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