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7 Blogs to Help Inspire Your Everyday Living



Photo: Vanessa Francis

I love reading blogs, whether they are classified in the lifestyle, education, interior design, or editorial realm. The following blogs are just more than blogs, they provide content that makes you question, give you an edge in content development, provide tips for social media success, teach you, and inspire you.

01 | Beth Kirby

If you’ve got that entrepreneur spirit or just want to improve some creative aspect of your life, Beth Kirby is your gal. Beth’s site, Beth Kirby, is full of must-reads regarding the business realm of this social media atmosphere ranging from understanding the Instagram algorithm, the Lightroom presets she uses for her photos, and her expertise on how she grew her Instagram followers (she’s well passed 750K followers now). Plus, she has dreamy photos on her site to drool over too. If you need some food to fill your life, Beth’s got you covered with her blog Local Milk where she posts numerous recipes such as this yummy French toast recipe (I have a weakness for French toast done right).

02 | Studio DIY

Are you ready for endless DIY’s and fun things to do as a family? Meet Kelly Mindell, owner, and founder of her company, Studio DIY. Kelly’s blog is as bright and fun as the personality she displays through her equally and bright outfits. She just revealed her recent kitchen makeover and I am pinning her cheerful and pink – yes, pink! – kitchen. Kelly even sells party supplies, accessories, and her own clothing line through her online shop. You’ll leave Kelly’s blog feeling positive and (maybe) willing to tackle one DIY project this month with your kiddos.

03 | Studio Blog by Studio McGee

If you like neutral and airy interiors, I highly recommend Studio McGee’s Studio Blog. I have been following Studio McGee since Shea and her family were still living in California. Now they’re building their own home after renting in Utah for a few years. I have a lot of respect for husband and wife teams; it’s not easy building a company with your spouse as one’s professional life can cross territory into personal life. However, Shea and her husband, Syd, has shown that great things can come from having a solid partner in both a marital and professional relationship. I am amazed by how much Studio McGee has evolved over the last few years going from humble beginnings to a full business that has taken social media by storm. Just take a peek into their portfolio and you’ll see why. So, if you aren’t following them yet, please do so!

04 | Love & Lemons

Raise your hand if you don’t cook often but don’t mind drooling over dishes? Love & Lemons was created by couple Jeanine and Jack and feature a wonderful collection of recipes that range from easy to semi-complex (although I’m sure it’s not that complex if you’re a seasoned family chef). The recipes presented will inspire you to craft something beautiful and delicious the next time you’re in the kitchen. Jeanine and Jack’s blog is bright, minimal and, overall, well designed so that you can find recipes easily. Each recipe contains visual aids so that you know you’re doing it right. Some of my favorite recipes include this banana bread, carrot cake, and creamy pasta Pomodoro recipe. By the way, they have a cookbook that you can order now!

05 | Wit & Delight

There’s something about Wit & Delight that makes is inspiring. Perhaps it’s the fact that founder Kate Arends turned her writing haven into a community where others can come together or perhaps it’s her tenacity to keep on going even after heartache and debt. Whatever it is, Kate’s blog is a must-read collective of essays written by others as well as Kate herself. They’re just not some quickly assembled blog posts with a Googled image attached to it. They’re thoroughly curated essays written from perspectives that are far from being one-dimensional. Honestly, some of the essays I read can be more than I can swallow (like the “o” word that rhymes with cytoplasm for instance). However, the ability to talk about topics via storytelling is what Wit & Delight does best and it’s what keeps me as a reader.

06 | Seasons + Salt

If I can be half as chic as Andrea Hartman, founder of the blog Seasons + Salt, I’d be incredibly happy. Seasons + Salt is a place for all things style specifically related to ethical and sustainable fashion. Andrea is a proponent for companies that produce quality made clothing and while caring how each piece of item is produced. She shows that one can look stylish without spending dollars on fast fashion. Even more so, Andrea proves that us mamas out there can look fabulous. Her blog will leave you rethinking your own wardrobe and, perhaps, change your purchasing philosophy.

07 | Emily Henderson

If you haven’t been living under a rock, which I assume you haven’t, then you may know who Emily Henderson is. She’s the former host of her own show, Secrets from a Stylist, and owner of her blog, Emily Henderson. I’ve followed Emily for a while now and I’ve seen her move home, redecorate her home a gazillion times, and add new kiddos into her family. What sets Emily apart from other interior design bloggers is her wit and humor and that of her staff’s. Her content contains the kind of wit you need on a pick-me-up day or after a breakup. Sure, some of her political content has gotten heat from readers (like when she posted an Instagram that many folks didn’t like), but she willingly opened the discussion afterward on whether or not it was the best move on her part. More on the interior designer Emily, I appreciate that she can go outside her comfort zone and change her design style but also remain unrelenting on her authentic self as an interior designer. She has a knack for mixing antique furniture with new pieces – honestly, who doesn’t love following someone who loves old, worn-out furniture whether that person is an interior designer or not? Emily’s blog is my go-to for witty humor centering her interior design quandaries, her mommy-approve outfits, her partnership with Target, and showcasing designs with friendly budgets.

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