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A Black and White Studio Tour



Source: Coco Kelley

Today’s studio tour was first featured in Casandra LaValle’s blog Coco Kelley. As Cassandra┬áputs it, a few years ago, she wanted to rent a studio that was previously occupied by her friend. However, being that she couldn’t afford it on her own, she gathered a group of other creatives and thus began her first co-working studio. Years later, Cassandra and a new group of creatives opened up the studio in today’s feature – Jackson St. Studio.

The first time that I laid eyes on this studio tour, I was blown away. Look at the contrast between the black and white with a pop of neutral accents! They did a fantastic job in designing their new studio space.

One of my favorite pieces in their new studio is definitely the leather couch. Leather patinas nicely over time and, with care, can last a long time. The couch along with the rug balances out the black and white colors of this corner.

An all-white room would have been very sterile. The black paneling balances the black floors and really enforces the juxtaposition of the space.

Introducing greenery and more neutrals, such as the bench and kitchenette, makes the studio feel warm and inviting throughout the studio. I love it that they painted the heater black as if it’s own decor versus trying to blend it with the walls.

The minimally decorated studio – from the pendant to the chairs – is esthetically pleasing. Nothing is overpowering and the neutral decor allows the black floor to shine.

What do you think of the space? Is a neutral space your kind of aesthetic? See the full tour here.

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