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When Leaving a Job Makes Sense



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Staying at a job that doesn’t feel right can make you feel uneasy. The following are reasons to consider when you’re thinking about whether or not to leave your current job.

1. It’s Not the Right Fit

It’s hard to tell what a job you interviewed for will be like until you start working it. Say, for example, you interviewed at a company and everything sounded as if it was meant for you. You get hired. Then days and weeks start passing by when you finally realize that it’s not the right fit. This can be because the line of work wasn’t what you were promised, the company wasn’t what you envisioned it to be, or your boss’s management style clashes with yours. It makes sense to leave if you know that it would be hard for you to thrive.

2. You can Get a Higher Paying Job Elsewhere

Money. We all think about it. It’s what drives us to work our butts off at work, forces us to get out of bed, and pushes us to pursue higher education for a chance at a higher pay grade. If you’ve looked around and found that there are higher paying jobs in the same line of work or a higher paying job that you can advance to, it makes sense to examine if leaving your employer is the right decision. However, some things to compare are the benefits from your current employer to a prospective one. People have taken lower pay because of the better value that comes as benefits (e.g. company match in a 401K, cheaper medical insurance, investment opportunities). Therefore, do your research and make your list.

3. The Work Environment is Toxic

Toxicity can drain you mentally and emotionally. It can be anything from being bullied, being overworked, and gossip. It may be time to leave your employer if the toxic environment is overshadowing what your actual job requires from you. Are you finding that you’re gossiping most of the time instead of actually working? Are you mentally exhausted at the end of the workday? Sometimes it’s hard to gauge how toxic your work environment is (maybe you can ignore or handle it). One rule to use when you’re determining whether or not to leave is to ask family at home if you’ve been negative or complaining about work lately. If they respond with a yes, then maybe it’s time to reconsider your decision on staying.

4. Education is Where You’re Headed

Leaving a job that secures your position in moving up the career ladder can be tough. However, if going back to school is in your favor and you just can’t juggle having a job in addition to that, then leaving your job makes sense. Don’t jeopardize your mental health by juggling too much if you know that you’re the type to feel burnt out doing just that. If pursuing education – whether it’s for a professional degree or trade school – is going to better your financial success in the future, go for it.

5. The Tasks Aren’t Challenging Enough for You

Some people are easily bored with not having enough to do or doing things that seem repetitive. You may get in the habit of looking at the time frequently because your job is just too slow. Maybe you’ve asked for more work to do but it can’t happen because you’re only allowed to work with what’s in your job description or what’s within your pay grade. If so, consider taking on a more challenging role with a different department or move up the ladder entirely elsewhere.

6. You Hate Your Job

You know it’s going to be a difficult day when your energy begins to drain out of you while you’re en route to work. Having a job that’s not the right fit and hating a job are two different things. Hating a job is when you find it difficult to perform well, you lack passion, you’re miserable, you complain daily, and you know full well that you’d be okay with turning in your resignation letter at any moment. Hating a job can manifest not only in underperformance, but your negativity can also encroach upon your coworkers. Ultimately, it can jeopardize you losing your job before you even resign. Therefore, leaving a job that you hate is the better judgment call.

What are your thoughts on when it makes sense to leave a job? Let us know below.

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