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A Budget-Friendly Alternative to Incorporating Art into Your Home



Incorporating art into your home can change up the vibe of a space. However, art can be so darn expensive. Add in the cost of frames and your budget is likely to explode. Over the years, I’ve hung at least one art print onto a living room wall. I’ve ordered prints – printed not digital – costing more than $50 each (not including the frame), but buying several printed art can be draining on the wallet.

Aside from getting things secondhand, which I understand can be a much more affordable option than anything I talk about here, there’s another “budget-friendly” alternative to incorporating art into your home. It isn’t going to be as cheap as what you’ll find at the thrift store or on Craiglist, but it’ll at least save you some pennies.

What I appreciate about online marketplaces is the opportunity to buy art that you can download and have printed from wherever you prefer. I like digital downloads because (1) I have the file forever and (2) I can print it out in any size I want. Say, for example, I printed an 8×10 but later on, I want to change it to a 16×20. Well, I can easily do that because I have a digital copy.

Where to Buy Downloadable Art

Etsy is truly the best online marketplace for scouring downloadable prints. Etsy has an incredible source of digital art downloads with many costing less than $10. You will find a wide variety to fit any decoration style. It’s my go-to when I want to switch things up with my gallery wall art. My favorite is the abstracts.

Another source that I’ve enjoyed purchasing from is Juniper Print Shop. The selection isn’t as extensive (and they’re $20 apiece), but there’s enough variety: landscape, abstract, portrait, and floral. Also, the print itself comes out beautifully due to the high resolution.

Where to Print Your Art

There are some affordable places that you can print your art from. I use Wal Mart quite often. You can get a 16×20 poster printed for less than $15 and you can do same day pickup (this works great for me since I can be impatient when I’m in a creative mood to redecorate things).

Vistaprint and FedEx are other affordable options. Vistaprint offers a more varied paper stock option and the quality of Vistaprint and FedEx may be better than Wal Mart’s, but I would highly recommend going with the most cost-effective route if you’re the type who likes to change art out often. Honestly, the Walmart prints have never failed me; they come out great!

Where to Buy Frames

Frames can cost more than the art print itself. I have frames from West Elm and CB2 and they’ve held up well, but they can be expensive even with a sale.

I’ve found that frames from retailers such as JOANN and Michaels are great places to buy frames especially if you want to print anything 16×20 or larger. The “secret” to saving money on frames at Joann and Michaels is to wait until their Buy 1 Get 1 BOGO deal, use a coupon for 40% off, or wait until the frames are on sale (sometimes you will find a deal on frames that is up to 60% off). Occasionally, Michaels will offer the BOGO deal with a $10 off coupon for purchases over a certain amount. Please don’t buy frames without a discount. There is always a 40% coupon available on the stores’ mobile app.

Another source I recommend is Ikea. They have some great options if what you’re looking for is simplicity. Yes, they decided a couple of years ago to change their fronts from glass to plastic, but I think that aspect won’t be as bothersome as you think.

Now that you’ve got some tips on where to buy downloadable art, where to print them, and how to save money on frames, it’s time to browse through the options available online.

Some of my favorite art prints:

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13

And in case you want to shop at JOANN or Michaesl, here are links to some favorite frames (an * indicates that I own this type of frame):

  1. Gold Pompeii Frame*
  2. Vintage gold frame*
  3. Black Gallery Frame
  4. White Frame*
  5. Black Large Frame*
  6. Gold Wooden Frame

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