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10 Fashion Investment-Worthy Pieces for 2020



I’m so excited for the upcoming new year. It’s crazy how fast 2019 went, but I’m so glad that the year is over. In 2019, my most worn pieces were mostly by Everlane, specifically the silk relaxed shirt and the linen relaxed shirt. Other items that I wore over and over again in 2019 includes this open toe mule by Nisolo that I wore almost daily all summer, the perfect vintage jean by Madewell that made me realize good-fitting jeans were possible, straight leg jeans (similar) from H&M, leopard printed boots I purchased two years ago from & Other Stories that have held up well despite me using them as snow boots during the winter snow, a plaid Zara coat I got years ago that people continually ask me about, and some thrifted pieces.

For 2020, I’ve curated my wishlist with various items that I adore. I believe in investing in pieces that will last for many seasons versus buying something for the moment just to fulfill the want of having it.

The biggest purchase for 2020 that I want to save for and splurge on is the Loewe puzzle small textured-leather shoulder bag. Perhaps I’ve been watching too much Emma Hill on YouTube, but she raves about this bag a lot and I can see why. Not only is it the IT BAG right now, but it’s also a timeless bag that I can see myself carrying for many seasons. I like the slightly unstructured shape and the fact that it has a top handle for when I want to be extra lady-like. I definitely wouldn’t purchase this bag new though. Sites like Vestaire Collective sell this bag gently used from various sellers for hundreds of dollars less.

Photo from left to right, top to bottom: Emma Hill, Forever Vanny, The Corner Berlin, and Sarah Vohn

The second bag that I’m quite fond of is the Celine Nano belt bag. This one is more structured than the Loewe bag, but both are minimal and avoid big brand logos.

For all things skirts and dresses, I would love to add this RĂ©alisation par the Naomi skirt in the leopard print to my closet. I’ve seen leopard print skirts – particularly this one – all over Pinterest and Instagram and everybody styles it so well. So yep, another 2019 “hype” secondary to the Loewe puzzle bag that I’m going to buy into for 2020.

From left to right, top to bottom: The Love Cats Inc, Jeans and a Teacup, and The Fancy Pants Report

Another piece from RĂ©alisation par is the Allegra dress. It’s definitely a classic little black dress. What I like about this dress are the fluted skirt and thicker straps. It’s a bonus that it’s 100% silk!

Moving on to bottoms, the Re/Done high rise stove pipe jeans is high on my list. I use to think that investing in jeans wasn’t worth it, but going through a lot of jeans over the years has taught me that pricey jeans are typically worth the money. They fit better because they’re better constructed and the material’s often nicer. I like jeans that have less stretch in them so Re/Done’s jeans definitely check off that mark.

From left to right, top to bottom: The Anna Edit, Monikh, and Sophia Rosemary

I saw Anna from The Anna Edit rave about these & Other Stories leather kick flare trousers and I’ve got to say…I’m hooked! I never thought leather trousers can look stylish minus the fille de joie factor.

Going into footwear, I’ve always loved Veja sneakers even before Meghan Markle made them hugely popular. The + net sustain V-10 leather sneakers is the ultimate versatile sneaker to pair with jeans or dresses.

For fancy footwear, I have my eyes set on this pair of chaise mule from Dear Frances. Who hasn’t heard of Dear Frances? Lawd, do they make pricey shoes, but they’re all so beautifully crafted. I love the simplicity of this particular mule.

From left to right, top to bottom: Dear Frances, Alexis Foreman, Gemary, Alexis Foreman

Jewelry is something that I’ve always been fond of. I have had my fair share of buying pieces from J.Crew but have found that, just like clothes and anything else, investing in quality jewelry lasts longer. A piece of jewelry that I would love to wear every day is the ‘Luna’ pearl small stud earrings from the brand Lagos. These are not too big, but not too little to be unseen and perfect for daily wear.

I used to own a few statement rings that I would wear daily when I worked as a bank teller almost 10 years ago. Back then, I definitely lost my jewelry quite often. Now, I keep them in a jewelry box. The sterling silver stacking rings from David Yurman are rings I’d love to wear (and wouldn’t want to lose). I love it that these are silver because most of the pieces of jewelry I own are gold (they do also come in gold). You can wear these rings stacked together or wear them on separate fingers. I like that neither rings are too dainty; they definitely make a statement.

That’s a round-up of 10 pieces I want to purchase in 2020. My goal for each year is to pare down what I already own and invest in items that I know I’ll continue enjoying. I’ve been trying my best to make a wishlist of things I want prior to purchasing them so that I can be sure they’re intentional purchases. Buying things on a whim can lead to buyer’s remorse – definitely something I’m quite familiar with. I hope this inspires you to curate your own “wishlist” of things you want to invest in so that you make more mindful purchases.

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